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We're a diverse group of professionals united by the conviction that people make better choices when they have better information. We're bringing clarity to health care and helping to create a healthier future for all of us.

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Castlight Health was founded in 2008 by Todd Park, Bryan Roberts and Giovanni Colella. Together, they had a simple but far-reaching dream: to transform health care in the United States. Having spent their careers at the intersection of health care and technology, they sought to tackle one of health care's fundamental problems — the lack of transparency in the price and quality of health care. Nearly every person they met told them that it could not be done, and that it would never happen because the complexity of the problem was insurmountable. Today, five years in, Castlight is helping employers across the country address a broad range of enterprise health care and benefits challenges. Castlight empowers people to make better health care decisions and achieve better outcomes for themselves and their families. At Castlight Health, we're incredibly proud of our passionate, mission-driven team. Together with our customers and partners, we are living our dream and truly transforming health care.

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