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Announcing the Enterprise Healthcare Cloud Ecosystem

Providing transparency on price and quality is at the core of Castlight’s business, and participants in the Enterprise Healthcare Cloud ecosystem now have access to four new Solution Centers designed to enhance these capabilities. Each Solution Center — built explicitly to meet the needs of large self-insured employers in the United States — is delivered through an integrated technology architecture and updated user interfaces to provide a seamless user experience.


Castlight Enterprise Healthcare Cloud Platform

The Solution Centers provides a set of applications and services that include:

  • Castlight Insights: Provides dashboards, reports, and analytics to pinpoint opportunities to eliminate wasteful healthcare spending and poor quality outcomes.
  • Castlight Controls: Empowers employers with a comprehensive set of controls and the ability to design, optimize, and scale benefits to drive selection of high quality, affordable care.
  • Castlight Connect: Integrates third-party solutions to enable employee access to services such as on-site clinic, telehealth providers, Health Savings Account (HSA) providers, and more.
  • Castlight Care: Provides employees and their families with user-friendly web and mobile access to the personalized information they need to make better healthcare decisions.

As founding team member & vice president of Castlight Health, Naomi Allen, noted during the Summit, “the power here is in the platform that ties all of these rich products together.” That platform is Castlight’s Data Interchange, which brings together external data from the entire healthcare ecosystem and combines it with internal data generated from use of Castlight applications. The Castlight database already includes more than one billion healthcare claims and is the driving force behind generating actionable analytics.

“Now is the time for the Enterprise Healthcare Cloud,” Colella said to a captivated Summit audience. “We have the technologies, the insights, and, with the people in this room, the leadership to cure healthcare and build great businesses.”

For more information on Castlight’s growing Ecosystem and the recent pricing analysis of healthcare costs for common medical services across the U.S., please visit:

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