How much does having a baby cost in the U.S.? The answer might surprise you…

Check out the latest results from our first-ever Costliest Babies study, and discover whether you live in a high-cost city for maternity care.

Posted June 30th 2016 by Glenwood Barbee

Seth Cohen

Best Practices

Four tips to modernize your benefits engagement

Find out how you can use best practices from Netflix and Amazon to help your employees make better health decisions.

Posted June 2nd 2016 by Seth Cohen

Guest Blogger Meredyth Brown


Doing the right thing for employees pays off for Travelport

Find out how Travelport puts employees in the drivers’ seat of their health decisions. Meredyth Brown, Manager of Travelport’s U.S. Health and Wellbeing Programs, describes engaging employees on their benefits, while also keeping healthcare costs down

Posted May 25th 2016 by Guest Blogger Meredyth Brown

Elizabeth Shivvers

Best Practices

How employers can use benefits to entice top talent to their doors

Find out which 5 benefits employees say matter most when considering a job offer.

Posted April 26th 2016 by Elizabeth Shivvers

Glenwood Barbee


Breaking down opioid abuse trends in America’s workforce

America’s employers lack a true understanding of how opioid abuse impacts individuals in the workforce and their families.

Posted April 20th 2016 by Glenwood Barbee

Jennifer Ellard


Careers and crisis: Who’s caring for our critical caregivers?

Up to 70% of caregivers suffer from depression. Learn more about the physical and emotional stress that caregivers experience, and how employers can reach out to help address these behavioral health challenges.

Posted April 14th 2016 by Jennifer Ellard

Giovanni Colella, MD

Best Practices

Empowering patients to make better healthcare decisions

From our work with some of America’s largest and most innovative employers, we’ve developed four key elements to successfully driving employee engagement in healthcare benefits.

Posted April 7th 2016 by Giovanni Colella, MD

Jennifer Ellard


Careers and crisis: How behavioral health is shaking the transportation industry

Overlooking behavioral health challenges in the transportation industry threatens the health and wellbeing of employees–and not to mention–public safety.

Posted March 10th 2016 by Jennifer Ellard

Castlight Health


Employee privacy is at the center of all we do

There has been a lot of press recently about one of the newest products on our Health Benefits Platform – Castlight Action – and employee privacy. So, we’d like to take this opportunity to address what has been said, and what hasn’t.

Posted February 29th 2016 by Castlight Health

Jennifer Ellard


Careers and crisis: The impact of stress in the financial services sector

Exposing the financial services “superfecta”: unmanaged depression, mood disorders, workplace stress, and substance abuse.

Posted February 11th 2016 by Jennifer Ellard

Jonathan Rende


Help your employees make better healthcare decisions. Think mobile.

Here’s our opinion: If you want to drive more health benefits engagement, your strategy should be mobile first. Because the employees you’re trying to reach have their phones with them. All. The. Time.

Posted January 29th 2016 by Jonathan Rende