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Cities with the Highest Prices for Common Medical Services

Using historical pricing and medical claims data, a new analysis from Castlight sheds light on what many in the largest slice of the U.S. insured population are likely to pay when in-network for four common outpatient services: a lipid panel, a CT scan (of head/brain), an MRI (of lower back) and an adult preventive primary care visit.

What cities lead the pack in terms of highest costs?

New Analysis Names Most Expensive Common Medical Services

Indianapolis came in first in terms of top average cost for a lipid panel, while Californians in Sacramento and San Francisco are shelling out the most for the three other services analyzed.

*The primary source of data used for this analysis is medical claims data. Castlight augments this data with other data including: publicly available data, provider information, and actual provider rate sheets that list the negotiated price between a provider and an insurer. Castlight then applies proprietary algorithms to obtain the provider prices used for this analysis. Prices are defined as the employee cost-sharing plus the amount paid by the employer.