Fast Facts

  • 1. You can engage your employees with Castlight

    Proven with more than 240 customers, we meet or exceed engagement expectations, with several customers reaching 80% engagement or higher. Our mobile app and intuitive website reach your employees wherever they are – with personalized, relevant, and timely information. And benefit leaders, equipped with predictive insights, can address specific employee groups with incentives, relevant communications, and meaningful guidance.

  • 2. Castlight is more than healthcare transparency

    Our platform includes sophisticated cost and quality transparency – a personalized and powerful way for employees to shop for their healthcare. But transparency is not enough to help your employees make the best choices for their health.

    Castlight’s health benefits platform lets you integrate all health and wellness programs, including behavioral health, into a simple and convenient benefits hub. We give you the tools and data to engage employees with personalized,timely, and relevant communications that guide them to the right program and care at the right time. And we provide real-time insights into employee engagement which allow you to evaluate and adjust benefits programs and strategies.

  • 3. Castlight can support customers with all the major insurance carriers

    We can support customers with all major carriers covering 90% of self-insured lives in the US, which means Castlight will almost certainly work for you.

  • 4. Castlight integrates to more than 50 health and wellness benefit programs

    It’s simple and intuitive. Your employees go to one place for all health and wellness needs.

  • 5. Security is our top priority and core to our platform

    Employee health data is always secure and private, as Castlight runs the only certified Class 2 Security Operations Center (SOC 2) in our industry. In addition, Castlight requires a multi-step process for employee identification and authentication. This safeguard protects users’ privacy in full compliance with HIPAA standards. Learn more about our data security.

  • 6. Castlight handles the implementation

    Castlight is a web and mobile experience that is delivered as a service, which means no long IT projects. We work with you to configure the software for your organization, and often get companies started in just a few months.

  • 7. Castlight delivers value to you and your employees

    We know you expect value from your healthcare; it’s one of your most significant investments. Castlight delivers in several ways. We help save your employees and your company money at the same time, as employees using Castlight reduce their healthcare spend up to 7% below trend. We help improve outcomes, which limits absenteeism, boosts productivity, and reduces the complications of poor care. Castlight also helps ensure employees fully understand, value, and engage with their health benefits, which drives benefits satisfaction. And Castlight lets you manage change, such as rolling out or expanding new health plans, including CDHPs, without the confusion, disruption, and pushback.

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