Benefit Leaders

You can have it all

Bring your health benefit programs together, understand employee needs, and engage them with targeted and timely communications. With real-time analytics and insights, you can continuously measure how your benefits and programs are performing.


Seamless integration of more than 50 third-party programs and ability for single sign-on deployment.


Predictive analytics drive targeted, relevant and timely communications.


Real-time insight into engagement of benefits and programs.

Identify Opportunities

Predictive analytics identify health needs and addressable opportunities within specific employee segments.

Automated Campaigns

One-click launch of automated, pre-designed and pre-tested campaign content delivered through web, mobile, and email.

Performance Metrics

Daily view of active campaign performance.

Engagement Dashboards

Customizable dashboards show employee engagement, utilization, and search behavior to inform program strategies.

Program Visibility

Targeted program spotlights engage your employees and allow you to pilot and promote programs within a single, integrated hub.

Lower costs

Castlight helps employees avoid unnecessary care and wasteful spending with guidance on benefits programs, care options, and price comparisons, lowering healthcare costs for themselves and the company.

Improve outcomes

Castlight increases utilization of benefits programs and employee engagement by segmenting populations and automating campaigns and program promotions, leading to a healthier and more productive workforce.

Increase satisfaction

Castlight connects employees to the information they need, lowering employee confusion and complaints and freeing up the benefits team to work on other priorities.

“The one healthcare initiative where we can actually see and measure results is with Castlight…Employees are using the technology to find…care at a lower cost”

Christan Royer, Healthcare Programs Manager

Indiana University

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