What is Healthcare Transparency?

Access to cost and quality information before medical treatment lowers costs and improves outcomes. When people have the information they need, they become smart consumers, just like they do in every other part of their lives. The more accurate and comprehensive the information, the better healthcare works. This is healthcare transparency. But alone, it’s not enough.

True value hinges on behavior change

With increased employee healthcare cost-sharing, unlocking the value of benefits critically depends, now more than ever, on engaging employees and creating lasting behavior change. By offering a personalized and integrated experience – along with targeted and timely recommendations – you can make it easy and intuitive to make the right healthcare decisions.

The good news is that benefits technologies now exist to get the most from your health benefits strategy.

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Did you know?

There are no pricing standards for healthcare so charges for medical services can vary greatly – even for the same procedure, in the same area, within the same network. See this illustrated in our Costliest Cities data. Also, quality may not be related to price – there are many high-quality providers offering services at a lower price. Good decisions can only be made when quality data is paired with accurate pricing. Castlight uses multiple data sources to provide easy-to-understand cost and quality information to help people choose the best care at the best price.

“Castlight has been a great tool for educating and informing employees. Over time, especially, Castlight will help our people better navigate the complex world of healthcare. It will lead to better decisions that are customized for each employee’s unique situation.”

Chris Sonneman, Senior Vice President and Director of Total Rewards

Fifth Third Bank