Employers Key to Helping Consumers Take Advantage of Wearables Trend

We are living in an era of exploding popularity for consumer health devices. More than 40,000 wearables and mobile health apps are available to consumers, measuring everything from sleep cycles to calories consumed. Apple added to this frenzy with its formal HealthKit announcement, creating additional interest in health devices among consumers and developers.

However, in spite of the popularity of wearables, studies show that consumers lose interest over time. One 2014 study found that 50 percent of users lose interest in a few months. Users need a compelling reason to continue using their devices.

Enter corporations. Employers are well positioned to motivate their employees through company-wide health programs, as long as the programs are structured correctly. One key motivator for users is social connections, where users can share their goals and be encouraged by their network of friends and colleagues. Another factor is goal reinforcement, which occurs when a user feels progress toward defined goals.

These important drivers of behavior take center stage when Jiff creates web and mobile apps for corporate health programs. We make health and wellness programs fun, providing not only social interaction but also opportunities for competition against colleagues or rival companies. Our employee health programs also set defined goals – health goals that can be broken down into daily action lists. Just as critical, Jiff’s products offer real time feedback and instant gratification, and we help corporations plan incentives and rewards that sustain healthy behavior.

Corporations understand that incentives are a key motivator and spending on wellness incentives has doubled in the last four years, with employers now planning to spend over $500 per employee.

All of these factors increase employee engagement and drive the long term success of our corporate health programs. Our customer surveys show that the vast majority of program participants agree or strongly agree that their company’s Jiff-powered wellness program motivated them to be more active. Over 70 percent of program participants checked their progress at least daily.

By encouraging employees to use their personal fitness devices in the right way, companies can motivate employees to continue using their wearables, and achieve lasting health benefits.