How U.S. workers search for healthcare

One size does not fit all

Do you know how U.S. employees like yours are searching for healthcare? Wouldn’t those big data insights help you gain a greater understanding of the actual needs of different employee populations, and in turn help you make more strategic, data-driven decisions when optimizing your benefit strategy and employee engagement programs?

Castlight Health has conducted a first-of-its-kind, nationwide analysis to answer this question, examining search behaviors in the Enterprise Healthcare Cloud for U.S. employees and their dependents ages 18-64. By enabling transparency into how U.S. employees search for healthcare, Castlight helps large companies nationwide turn wasted healthcare costs into a strategic business advantage. The infographic below breaks down the key findings, including:

  • The different ways in which men and women search
  • How search behavior reflects regional trends
  • Strategies to appeal to Millennials and working age Baby Boomers

To make your own discoveries, check out our interactive healthcare search analysis tool.