We’re transforming access to behavioral healthcare – announcing Castlight Elevate

Did you know that one in four of our nation’s working population suffers from a mental health illness or substance use disorder? These untreated behavioral health conditions impact employee well-being and performance – and they are growing concerns for companies.  Each year, U.S. employers give up more than $100 billion in lost productivity from employees experiencing behavioral health disorders.  Clearly it’s time for a change, so start by turning your free time into learning time with our guide on Reinventing Behavioral Healthcare.

Here at Castlight, we believe you can’t improve enterprise healthcare unless you treat the entirety of an employee’s health. That’s why we’re introducing Castlight Elevate — the newest extension of our Castlight Enterprise Healthcare Cloud and the first-ever solution to enable employees to get easy access to behavioral health services, make educated treatment choices, and commence care, all through a personalized platform.

Castlight Elevate privately and securely identifies employees at risk for behavioral health conditions and delivers personalized recommendations for treatment resources.  As shown below, an employee struggling to manage stress or anxiety can login to search for information about her condition, identify and compare therapists within her benefits network, and even begin computerized cognitive behavioral therapy right from her computer or mobile device.

Castlight Elevate provides targeted healthcare recommendations

Castlight Elevate will:

  • Identify user populations with behavioral health conditions from medical/Rx claims, mindshare data and quizzes to enable targeted outreach
  • Deliver individual recommendations for behavioral health resources, including personal self-help videos and guided exercises
  • Provide access to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other evidence-based, self-care applications through a close partnership with myStrength, a leading provider of individualized behavioral health programs
  • Offer shopping for inpatient psychiatric care and residential substance use disorder treatment on the basis of cost and quality
  • Create a seamless user experience with employer EAP programs, including teletherapy and telemedicine, through integration with third party providers


Castlight Elevate offers online treatments with myStrength. It also leverages our broader platform capabilities, making it easy for employees to become informed healthcare consumers and giving benefits leaders the insights they need to optimize healthcare investments.

Finally there is a better way to improve employee access to behavioral healthcare! Castlight Elevate is just one of many product enhancements that we’ll be introducing throughout 2015 – so stay tuned!