Castlight Pulse is bringing real-time data insights to enterprise health

It’s been a busy past few weeks for us here at Castlight Health.  As you may have heard, last week we announced Castlight Elevate, the first-ever solution that improves access to behavioral healthcare and optimizes costs.  We teamed up with Arianna Huffington, Condoleezza Rice and Meredith Vieira to hit the road for our 2015 Enterprise Healthcare Summit, and we published our new US Healthcare Affordability Index, an interactive map that lets you explore how affordable healthcare is in your city.

And we’re not done yet!

We also just rolled out Castlight Pulse, a new analytics capability made available as part of the Castlight platform at no additional cost.  Pulse provides real-time data to optimize engagement on the Castlight platform, as well as mindshare data that uncovers the healthcare topics that are top-of-mind for your employees.  With Castlight Pulse, you no longer need to wait for your reports to be delivered to you.  Benefits leaders can leverage real-time data on demand and slice and dice across various dimensions (age, gender, state, plan, carrier, etc.) to understand the true factors that are driving registration and engagement rates.


That’s not all! Castlight Pulse brings comprehensive reporting, accessible 24 hours/day, and gives benefits leaders the information they need, to boost user registration and engagement across the Castlight platform.

Want to figure out how your registration rates are performing by division or location?  Or even uncover the healthcare topics that your employees care about most?  With a few clicks of the button, Castlight Pulse gives you the deep visibility into your program performance and employee engagement you need to find these answers and more.


Check this out (pictured above): Benefits leaders can also filter registration rates along different eligibility dimensions to pinpoint groups with the highest potential for improvement.

We know that in order to effectively manage your enterprise healthcare programs, you need an interactive analytics tool that gives you the performance insights you need, when you need them. That’s why we’ve created Castlight Pulse, so benefits leaders can easily access Castlight performance data to optimize investments in healthcare benefits and help employees make smarter healthcare decisions.


Another feature (see above photo): The ability to drill into subpopulations, which surfaces unique data on what employees are searching for, allowing for a more proactive management of benefits programs, and the ability to give employees the resources they need, when they need them.

Intrigued? Head to our website for more details on Castlight Pulse and to learn how you can leverage new analytics technologies to turn your healthcare programs into a strategic business advantage.