Akamai’s Jiff Rollout Receives Great Recognition

We are thrilled to congratulate Sarah Sardella and the whole US/Corporate Benefits team at Akamai for receiving internal recognition for their Jiff Incentives implementation:

“The Jiff Program hasn’t only been instrumental creating awareness about Wellness at Akamai, but in essence, it has created a branded Akamai Experience. It has … contributed to team building with competitions with steps and… in a way, it also has served as the first version of an internal Akamai social community. I think Sarah and her team has done a tremendous job with this program in not only furthering Akamai’s Benefits offerings, but also building its culture.”        – Akamai Human Resource – Peer Award Nomination

We love making our clients look good, but more importantly, building programs that employees love. The Akamai team has received some incredible feedback from their employee population — our most important customer. Here’s what one user had to say:

“I have a family history of high cholesterol and have been struggling for the last few years to bring my numbers within the normal/acceptable range. I had my blood tested in early May and the results were very positive:  total cholesterol well within acceptable; triglycerides are much lower; LDL now reportable and within acceptable; HDL level is rising – which is good.  

The only thing that has recently changed for me is my participation in the Akamai Wellness program, specifically, the Jiff Incentive program.  I believe my test results were directly affected by my moving/walking more, and, tracking my food intake.The Akamai Wellness program has helped me focus more on my health, and, made it fun in the process.  Although I did not win the Hawaii trip nor the 4K HD TV, I still want to maintain my participation in the program for the more important reward of improving my health.”  

Stories like these inspire the whole Jiff team to work hard everyday to continue bringing these life-changing programs to users around the world!