Walgreens is the Next in Line to Offer Telemedicine

As Q2 draws to a close, the telemedicine sector continues to make its mark. The first big news came in May, when UnitedHealthCare chose Doctor on Demand to be their sole virtual visit provider. And just this week, Walgreens, who already employs in-house nurse practitioners to treat walk-in patients, just announced a new partnership with telemedicine provider MD Live, to expand their arround-the-clock care options for 50 percent of Americans by the end of this year.

While many other large companies like Wal-Mart offer telemedicine kiosks in their stores, Walgreens’ offering will be available from your home or office through their mobile application launched last year. It is true that some physician groups, such as the AMA continue to struggle reaching consensus on telemedicine guidelines and best practices, but the industry seems willing and able to learn on the fly, and expand without them.

Look for more changes to come in the telehealth sector during the second half of 2015, and say hello to an entirely new way to interact with your doctor.