Inside Castlight: A day in the life of a senior manager of operations for customer success

Want to know what a Senior Manager of Customer Success at Castlight Health does exactly, and why it’s maybe the best job ever? Prepare yourself because our very own Briana Burgess, Senior Manager of Operations for Customer Success, is here to tell us all about it.  Oh – and she just won the Castlight Values Award (given each quarter to a Castlighter who demonstrates and embodies the Castlight values), so you know she’s good at her job.

Briana and her Customer Success team

Castlight: What do you do here at Castlight?

Briana: I’ve been on the Customer Success team for about a year now, building out the team and getting the opportunity to really define what our customer lifecycle looks like, how we package our story, and how we deliver our customers exactly what they need at the right time.  We also support our team members that are out in the field providing support to our customers every day.  Getting that direct exposure to the customer perspective and to customer challenges here at Castlight is just a whole different world than where I’ve been in previous jobs.

Castlight: Why did you join Castlight?

Briana: I was looking for a late stage startup that was doing something really impactful in addressing the way healthcare is broken in the U.S., and Castlight was it.  I’ve been in the healthcare space my entire career.  I have a degree in biomedical engineering and my whole family’s in healthcare.  My dad is CEO of a couple of hospitals, my mom is a nursing educator, and my sister is a nurse practitioner.  We’re a very healthcare-focused family.

Castlight: What has been your proudest moment at Castlight so far?

Briana: I ran a big end-of-the-year project called rollover.  Every time customers have open enrollment, we have to make sure that Castlight reflects whatever changes they’ve made to their healthcare plans.  I spearheaded that initiative last year, and it was a behemoth. And now we’re building a team solely focused on that, so that rollover will go as smoothly when we have 500 customers as it did when we had 130 customers.  I’d say that’s one of the biggest successes of my career – not just here, but anywhere.

I’ve learned that Castlight is very much a place where you can take on any challenge that you want to take on.  The opportunity is there if you’re willing to do the work, and this company rewards people who are willing to put themselves out there, make decisions, and be independent-minded.

Castlight: What’s your favorite thing about Castlight?

Briana: It’s the people.  Everyone told me this in my interviews when I asked them that question, and it’s turned out to be true.  The people here are this impossible combination of super smart, super driven, and super nice.  They want to help.  Even if they’re having a crazy week, if you’re having a crazier week, they will stay late and help you out.  Or they will go and grab coffee to talk you off a ledge if needed.  Everyone is so involved in making the mission a reality and doing the best that they can.  Every day, I love coming in.

Castlight: You just won the Quarterly Values Award. Tell us about that.

Briana: It was a complete surprise.  It’s given once a quarter to someone within the company that embodies the Castlight values, which are transparency, courage community, passion, and excellence.  Once a quarter, people nominate candidates and submit their reasons for nominating someone.  The recipient gets $500, a trophy, and a one-on-one dinner with an executive of their choice.  It’s an open nomination across the entire company.  And somehow, I got it. I’m really excited to have dinner with John Doyle, our CFO, for a chance to learn more about our company’s big-picture objectives and get insight into Castlight as an organization from a perspective and department outside of my own.

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