Jiff’s New ROI Calculator Helps Employers Estimate Benefits Savings Opportunities

Jiff is pleased to announce the release of the new intuitive and interactive ROI Calculator.

The ROI calculator gives human resource executives the ability to visualize how increased engagement on healthcare point solutions can generate significant savings for their bottom line.

Many large employers struggle to motivate employee engagement in their health programs, with engagement rates often falling into the single digits. Jiff’s platform helps employers double, and in some cases more than quadruple, engagement across several different categories of health programs and services, effectively multiplying the return on their original investment.

The Math Behind the Savings

In order to estimate ROI, the Calculator takes several factors into account, such as employee population size, an incentives budget, and services used.

Use Jiff’s new ROI Calculator to uncover savings in your health benefits program

Using these factors, the ROI Calculator can gauge the enterprise benefit platform’s opportunity to deliver:

  • Total annual savings (net of costs)
  • Expected ROI from Jiff
  • Percentage of reduction in enterprise benefits cost

The tool accounts for ROI improving engagement across several tools and points solutions, including personal fitness trackers, apps, digital nutritional planners and more.

Increase Engagement to Unlock ROI

The ROI Calculator helps illustrate how vital engagement is to reducing benefits costs. In simple terms, low engagement in the program translates to low ROI on health programs and services. However, Jiff’s platform is unparalleled in its ability to take average or subpar performance of health programs and push them into the top quartile.

Jiff derived the baseline and top quartile from publicly available industry data — which was then used to outline the opportunities for improvement in a low-performing health benefits program.

Coupled with the ROI calculator, Jiff’s enterprise benefits platform provides the necessary information benefits administrators and HR Execs need to lower healthcare costs while increasing the health of their employees.