Introducing Health Pathfinder by Mercer and Jiff

Jiff, the leading enterprise health benefits platform, and Mercer a leader in global consulting for talent, health, and investments announced a collaboration to offer a new personalized health benefits platform — Health Pathfinder.

This new platform is designed to help employers manage the ever-growing point solutions selection process, as well as lower healthcare costs. What’s more, Health Pathfinder uses beautiful and engaging design, personalized health assessments, and an easy-to-use interface to spur employees to use the right point solutions that fit their health-related goals.

Health Pathfinder also uses a wide range of health applications, including Mercer’s plug-in products and content that provides instant feedback and rewards to users. Additionally, the personalized incentives encourage and motivate employees through a point-based system.

In short, the product drives employee utilization and engagement in point solutions by encouraging them to adopt healthy behaviors, while helping employers to lower healthcare costs.

“By teaming up with Jiff, Mercer can enable clients to integrate their preferred benefit solutions, personalize workforce programs and incentives, motivate employees to engage with the solutions, and measure what works,” said Cheryl Mealey, Mercer’s Total Health Management Solutions Leader in a press release.

Personalized Health Benefits Platforms Drives Engagement and ROI

The addition of a personalized health benefits platform is proven to drive engagement from employees and ROI for employers. In fact, Jiff’s whitepaper titled, “ROI of Engagement,” revealed that an enterprise health benefits platform that offers personalized incentives, like Health Pathfinder, can multiply engagement levels for many different types of point solutions, and drive ROI for the company.

For example, cost transparency tools can save hundreds of dollars for every employee  that actively uses them.  A platform, like Jiff, can increase engagement in these tools by two and in some cases four times — effectively multiplying  the overall return, while having limited impact on overall costs.

In addition, by using a personalized health benefits platform, employers can guide their employee population through a complicated marketplace of benefits to find the best point solution for their individual needs, that will ultimately reduce corporate healthcare costs and drive ROI.

For more information on the collaboration, read our press release.