Are You Personalizing Your Health Benefits Program?

Personalization plays a big part in how we interact with technology. Netflix and Amazon, for example, use recommendation engines to suggest products you might want, before you even know it. And, Facebook’s engagement engine uses your friends, interests, and likes to send you information that’s specific and relevant to only you.

Today, the need for personalization has become more important to the health benefits market. Every employee has individual health-issues, habits, and goals, and the market is flooded with various point solutions and vendors daily.

If employers don’t personalize their benefits programs, engagement will falter and they’ll see a fraction of their potential ROI

This makes implementing a successful one-size-fits-all health benefits program difficult. Without personalization, engagement will falter, and employers will only achieve a fraction of their potential ROI.

An enterprise health benefits platform, like Jiff, can create a personalized experience for employees, and drive breakthrough improvements in engagement and satisfaction.

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