3 Trends in Tech-Enabled Benefits Infographic

During Jiff’s roundtable discussion on the “3 trends in tech-enabled benefits,” our panelists discussed how the virtualization of care, consumer health technology, and real-time decision support, help to move employer health benefits out of the dark ages.

3 Trends in Tech-Enabled Benefits Explained

Virtualization of care reflects a movement on the part of providers to find ways to better manage the patients under their care. The popularity of Doctor on Demand and Teledoc and other telehealth or telemedicine solutions is a great example of how technology, like e-visits, can help provide a high-quality, seamless experience for users.

Consumer health technology includes apps like MyFitnessPal or Calorie Guard that drive health behaviors and engagement by making it easier than ever for users to track their activities or what they consume on a daily basis.

Real-time decision support helps consumers navigate through the cluttered and sometimes confusing healthcare marketplace to find health services that are right for them, and to get the most out of their health benefits that are right for them. Services like Quantum Health, assist consumers with this problem and take them from being “bewildered” by their choices to “relieved.”

Finally, An enterprise health benefits platform, such as the one provided by Jiff, brings all of these point services together in an easy-to-use, engaging platform that employers can manage their employee health benefits program.

Read the webinar recap or listen to the recording to hear the full roundtable discussion.