Innovations in Health Technology Increase Usage and ROI

The recent advancements in the health technology space have helped move healthcare out of the dark ages. This is evidenced by the deluge of mobile apps on the market today devoted to helping consumers adopt healthy behaviors.

However, employers now have the unenviable task of trying to manage these different solutions independently or collate them into a integrated health benefits program. What’s more, employees can become overwhelmed with information about these different benefits.

This presents two issues for employers: high administrative costs and low utilization of the solutions they’re providing to their employees.

For example, an average of 2 percent of employees use telemedicine solutions, but it can save them $700 per visit, according to Doctor on Demand. If these healthcare solutions continue to be under utilized, employers will miss out on enormous cost savings.

But, this doesn’t have to be a persistent problem for HR execs and benefit program administrators. Additional innovations in health technology can help, in particular, the advent of enterprise health benefits platforms.

Benefits Platforms Ease Workflow

The logistical nightmare of managing various health-related services can be resolved by integrating all of the disparate healthcare solutions into one benefits platform.

When the right solutions are incorporated into the platform, it not only eases the workflow for HR execs and benefit program administrators — removing the manual tracking and usage of different solutions for their employees — but it also provides a centralized look at usage data for various solutions used by the employee population as well as potential cost savings.

Jiff offers an enterprise health benefits platform that already has carefully pre-selected healthcare solutions integrated into the software. In addition to giving employers a centralized solution for managing their health benefits program, Jiff’s platform will tailor recommendations based on the employee’s individual health goals — providing a personalized experience that will help them adopt health behaviors.

What’s more, Mercer — a consulting leader in talent, health and investments — teamed up with Jiff to create Heath Pathfinder by Mercer, a best-in-class personalized health benefits platform. Health Pathfinder enables clients to integrate their preferred benefit solutions, personalize workforce programs and incentives, motivate employees to engage with the solutions, and measure how it all works. It also includes proprietary Mercer health content and benefit design recommendations.

When personalization is coupled with innovative health technology, employers will see engagement in their health benefits programs double and in some cases quadruple, which will in turn drive up the company’s ROI.

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