Benefits Platform Integration — Creating Much More than a Portal

The human resource executive’s role has become increasingly complex. HR execs and benefits administrators don’t have the bandwidth to constantly monitor the marketplace for new healthcare offerings that their employee population may need.

That’s where it becomes imperative to find an enterprise health benefits platform that is already pre-integrated with some of the best solutions on the market.

Jiff Takes the Guesswork Out of Finding Point Solutions

Jiff tackles the complexity, challenges, and technical logistics around evaluating different healthcare point solutions. Jiff already has over 40 pre-selected healthcare solutions integrated into the platform, including MyFitnessPal, Teladoc, to Healthcare Blue Book, and more. In addition, we are constantly collecting benchmarks from our customers on vendor performance related to employee adoption, behaviors, outcomes, and satisfaction, across numerous solution categories, which is useful information for making future investment decisions.

This frees ups HR execs to track the usage and results of various healthcare solutions for their health benefits programs in a centralized, intuitive, and beautifully designed dashboard.

Providing Your HR Team with Added Leverage and Support

Additionally, Jiff’s Integrations team constantly scans the marketplace, and stays up-to-date on the latest categories of healthcare, solutions and vendors and integrates with the best solutions. In effect, you can think of us as leverage and support for your own teams, who may have already been conducting similar market scans.

In short, by streamlining the integration process, our enterprise health benefits platform allows employers to implement health benefits programs that will help serve the healthcare needs of their employee population, while driving down healthcare costs for the company.

To learn more, visit our post about our Integrations.