How to Effectively Manage Your EHBP

The enterprise health benefits platform (EHBP), is a powerful tool when used properly. An EHBP — integrated with a variety of healthcare apps and services — can create a centralized resource for employees to find health services and tools. It can also streamline an HR executive’s workflow by making it much easier to add and remove new programs, almost like Lego blocks.

Conversely, employers who fail to effectively implement and manage their EHBP may risk low employee engagement in benefits programs, which will result in wasted spend and increased healthcare costs.

Having an EHBP is a great start for improving health benefits programs, but there are ways to optimize the platform to get the most of integrated health solutions that improve engagement and further reduce healthcare costs.  

Here’s how to manage your enterprise health benefits platform effectively.

Tailor the Program According to the Data

If a health benefits platform offers a dashboard, much like Jiff’s Mission Control, employers will be able to see which healthcare solutions drive the most engagement in their health benefits program. For example, HR execs can track key performance metrics such as employee participation and cost-effectiveness, and see how they differ from previous programs. From there, the health benefits administrator or HR exec should make adjustments to future programs to drive engagement and ROI.

Swap Out Solutions That Aren’t Working

HR execs shouldn’t be married to a solution if the metrics show that it’s fallen short of driving engagement or failed to help employees adopt healthy behaviors. A good EHBP that has the ability to seamlessly integrate with various apps and services, will allow HR execs to easily replace the healthcare solutions that aren’t working for their employee population. For example, HR execs can combine distinct features from different solutions in unique ways to meet the needs of their specific population.

Personalize the Incentives

Incentivizing the employee population is key to helping them adopt health behaviors that will ultimately drive down healthcare costs for the company. However, some HR execs make the mistake of using incentives that only appeal to a small portion of the employee base. If incentives are personalized, and tied to the desired usage and behavior of your health program, every employee will receive a reward that’s relevant to their health-related goals.

Jiff’s customer success team is readily available to ensure our customers get the most out of their EHBP. And, for more information on how HR execs can use an enterprise health benefits platform to optimize their health benefits program, please visit Jiff’s Resources page.