Introducing IQHealth – A New Product from Jiff and Quantum Health

Jiff and Quantum Health have partnered to offer a new product — IQ Health — that is designed to streamline the healthcare journey, and remove the frustration and confusion consumers experience when finding healthcare solutions.

IQ Health combines Quantum Health’s live, knowledgeable healthcare experts with Jiff’s smart technology in order to cut through the scattered healthcare marketplace, and provide a direct pathway to the health provider or service the consumer needs.

Launched on October 6, the key features for IQHealth include the following:

  • A mobile-first, intuitive interface that gives users immediate answers to their health or benefits questions.
  • Quantum Health care coordinators who provide extensive employer- and individual-level knowledge of healthcare and health plan options.
  • Personalized, real-time recommendations.
  • Employee population analytics and insights for administrators.

“IQHealth is the result of a deep product integration which seamlessly manages the patient journey and elevates the functionality of both Jiff and Quantum Health’s offerings, helping employees reach their health goals and lower healthcare spend for employers,” said Jiff CEO Derek Newell.

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