Announcing Castlight Action: transforming employee engagement with predictive analytics

Employers regularly invest a significant amount of time and resources planning their benefits strategy. However, the success of a benefits plan really boils down to whether or not employees are engaged. Approximately 40% of employees don’t understand their benefits, and only 12% of employees are healthcare proficient. This lack of knowledge leads to employees making uninformed decisions, resulting in higher healthcare costs and poorer health outcomes.

Employee engagement has always been a difficult issue to tackle. How do you get in front of employees – and get them to pay attention? It’s hard. Broad communication is necessary – and the easiest – but messages sent en masse rarely break through the noise and engage workers. Benefits leaders work hard to provide their employees with the information they need to navigate important healthcare decisions. The problem is, they often don’t always get heard.

That’s where Castlight Action comes in. Action is a predictive insight and engagement solution designed to connect employees with the information to get the right care and programs through personalized, timely, and relevant communications.

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Gain predictive insights into member segments & healthcare spend on addressable services

With Castlight Action, benefits teams can:

  • Automatically identify opportunities to engage employees most likely to need care through advanced predictive models based on medical, pharmacy, and dental claims, Castlight search data, and demographic and social data

  • Automatically deliver multi-channel personalized campaigns that direct employees to connect with the appropriate benefit or vendor program, identify high quality, lower cost providers, and make more informed care choices

  • Track engagement and campaign impact on a daily basis, including page views, vendor connections, provider selection, healthcare utilization, and more.

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Understand how many employees actually engaged and took action with your campaigns

At Castlight, we’ve developed Action in partnership with benefits leaders from several established companies across different industries. With Castlight Action employers can be proactive and take employee engagement to the next level – creating less work for the HR team and better results for employees and employers.

Interested in learning more? Visit our website to find out how Castlight Action can help you solve the employee engagement puzzle, and improve the health and productivity of both your employees and your company.