Jiff’s Data Lake — the First Step to a Seamless Integration

The various apps and services in the healthcare ecosystem generate vast amounts of data about a user’s usage patterns, habits, motivators, and more. And when that data is collected and synthesized properly, it can provide meaningful insights and encourage the user to take further actions to improve their health.

But, collecting and storing large amounts of data and subsequently integrating it into a cloud-based enterprise platform is extremely difficult.

This is especially true in the context of healthcare and health benefits programs. The healthcare marketplace is fragmented and offers many different apps and services. And, each one has divergent technical nuances that can be hard to integrate into an enterprise health benefits platform.

However, Jiff’s platform has created a seamless, flexible integration infrastructure that allows HR execs to easily plug in the solutions they need to drive adoption, behavior, outcomes and satisfaction in their health benefits program.

Jiff’s Data Provides Flexibility to for Health Benefits

Our platform ingests data from partners across a broad range of health categories and healthcare solutions.

Today, we have more than 40 integrations across 12 health categories including activity, weight loss, diabetes management, telemedicine, transparency, finance, resilience, and more.

We employ several methods to create a clean data exchange with our partners, which can include using our own APIs, our partners’ APIs, or we can create an sFTP site — depending on our partners’ respective capacity.

The information we collect includes raw data about customers interests, usage patterns, and behavior metrics, and health goals. Then, we normalize the data to make it easy for HR managers to utilize multiple vendors or easily switch between vendors within a specific health category.


Data Lake Storage Makes Information Fluid

Jiff has the capability to house all the data from our various partners into one repository  — a data lake.

Data lakes are a common strategy used by top big data companies, from Palantir to Google. However, Jiff is the pioneer in applying this technique to enterprise health benefits.

The data lake allows us the fluidity to move the information among various technologies — such as a database, data warehouse, and distributed processing — smoothly and as needed.

Additionally, this repository allows us to process and analyze the data, on demand, and apply it to an near-infinite number of use cases for the program — such as recommendations, personalized incentives, reporting, and more.

Because of this infrastructure, companies that use Jiff have immense flexibility to add and remove different types of health benefits programs with ease.

Jiff has cracked the code on seamless integration, and created a enterprise health benefits platform that adapts to the changing needs of benefits program and the individual employee.

For more information on how Jiff has mastered Integration, visit our Resources page.