How to Successfully Run Your Health Challenge Program

Motivating employees to be better stewards of their health can be an arduous task. And, when it comes to driving healthy behaviors HR execs may have trouble designing a benefits program that will be fun while driving sustained engagement.

Corporate challenges can solve this issue and help employees adopt healthier behaviors. But if the challenge is designed poorly, then employees won’t maintain healthy routines, and employers lose out on the chance to drive down healthcare costs.

Jiff excels at creating and deploying successful health benefits programs that use core principles in game design and engagement to drive adoption, health behaviors, outcomes and satisfaction.

If you’re ready to launch your first program, read our five tips to successfully execute your corporate challenge using Jiff.

1) Let Us Help You Configure the Program

In order to make your challenge a success, Jiff’s team uses our expertise in benefits design and engagement to configure a challenge that will reflect the company’s culture, branding, and program goals to drive participation.

2) Use Immersive, Beautiful Design and Game Mechanics

The gamification of challenges and health benefits programs  helps to drive engagement by providing immediate feedback through a feedback loop. These “hooray experiences” let the user know how close they are to achieving their goals, which motivates them to maintain their healthy behavior.

We also provide challenges that appeal to various intrinsic motivators — such as working collaboratively with team members to accomplish a goal — that can reach a diverse workforce.

What’s more, Jiff’s creative squad can create a beautifully designed app for the challenge that will connect with the user and hook in even the most hard-to-engage employees.

3) Leverage Jiff’s Ideas for Challenges

Jiff can help you configure a race or leaderboard challenge that encourages friendly competition among employees. The goal of the race challenge is to increase your workforce’s physical activities. And with leaderboards, they can see how their team stacks up against the competition. We’ll work with you to determine which type of challenge would work best with your employee population.

Jiff has the capability to customize our race and leaderboard challenges to create a fun experience for participants!

With endless combinations of designs you can launch multiple race or leaderboard challenges throughout the year and continue to keep it fresh and engaging for your employees.

4) Once It’s Launched — Build a Community

Building a social community is an excellent engagement lever for corporate challenges. By allowing your employees to engage with the challenge through social features  — such as chatter, notifications and badges — you’ll create a vibrant, supportive community that will encourage the participant to stay healthy.

5) Establish Long-lasting Good Habits

Finally, our challenge programs use the best practices in behavioral economics and social psychology to help employees adopt healthy habits long after the challenge has concluded. We also provide data that shows how each challenge implemented through Jiff continues to drive sustained behavior change in the employee population.

To learn more about how Jiff’s leverages personalization and integration to create a best-in-class enterprise health benefits platform, please visit our Resources page.