Women in leadership are helping Castlight build a better future for customers, employees, and the healthcare industry

According to a recent article in Fortune, many of our most prominent tech companies have work to do in promoting women. Some truly great innovators like Facebook, Cisco, and Intel are reporting that fewer than one-third of their workforce is female. Unfortunately, this is about par for the sector where the average number of women leaders in top technology companies is about 32 percent.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way, and we know this because at Castlight Health, it isn’t.

I’m proud to report that at our company, 50 percent of Vice Presidents are women, 42 percent of Directors and above are women, and 43 percent of our C-suite is comprised of women as well. By making the effort to recruit women and by building a work environment that is challenging, supportive, rewarding, and family friendly (we just instituted a policy of four months paid parental leave for mothers and fathers), we’ve been able to attract and retain some of the most talented women that I’ve ever worked with. What sets us apart from many other technology firms is that our founder and CEO, Gio Colella, began this company 7 years ago with diversity baked into our DNA from the start. As we’ve grown, so has our focus on this value, and it’s a goal that all managers at Castlight work towards.

Attracting top performers is good for business; after all, why would anyone want to limit themselves to half the talent pool? Moreover, having a diverse workforce means more voices at the table and a more inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable bringing their best ideas forward. Striving for more women in the workplace – as well as more diversity generally – is also the right thing to do. As Canada’s new Prime Minister said when asked why he appointed a Cabinet that’s half women, “because it’s 2015.”

At Castlight, we are dedicated to using technology to help employers understand and manage their healthcare investments while helping employees make the best possible healthcare decisions. It’s a bold mission that takes hard work and great ideas – and a diverse workforce that represents the best of all of us to get it done.

Here’s our commitment: Diversity is a value that we take seriously. We will continue to make Castlight Health a more diverse and inclusive place to work, and a model that we hope other leaders in our industry will follow.

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