How Great Design Improves Health Benefits Programs

Today the most addictive sites, apps, and hardware use the same tactic to gain consumers’ attention — beautiful, simple, and engaging design.

For example, Apple and Square are two major consumer tech companies that invest heavily in streamlined and sophisticated design. Their alluring products catch the consumer’s eye and invariably drive excitement in their offerings. This has lead these companies to dominate in the hardware and software space.

Even industries notorious for having clunky websites, such as finance and travel, are following suit and cutting out the clutter in an effort to deliver a better user interface for consumers.

But healthcare, and more to the point health benefit programs, still use obsolete design principles that throw a lot of information at the user — leading to low adoption of services and lack of engagement.

Great Design Matters in Healthcare

Navigating the digital healthcare marketplace is complex and intimidating for the general consumer, especially when they’re wading through a deluge of choices and information. This can be further complicated by non-engaging and unappealing design that will instinctively turn them off.

Conversely, there’s been a surge of well-designed apps and services that have entered the market that are designed to connect consumers to healthcare. But, while each solution provides an engaging mobile interface, when combined they offer a fractured user experience.

At Jiff, we recognize the importance of simple yet sleek design and how it can be used to create delightful, interactive, and engaging mobile experiences that can be used in health benefits programs.

Mobile-first Design Philosophy Cuts Out the Clutter

Jiff’s creative team has roots in consumer technology, gaming, and e-commerce and they’ve applied the learnings and best practices gleaned from these experiences to inform our mobile-first design.

Limited real estate on mobile devices forces Jiff’s designs to be simple, fun, appealing, and immediately easy to understand.

Jiff’s creative team has applied their expertise in consumer design to create a world-class mobile-first design philosophy

This is paramount when creating an enterprise health benefits platform, that incorporates several health management solutions with different user interfaces that may overwhelm a user.

Using this philosophy, Jiff combines the look and feel of healthcare point solutions and health benefits programs into a single, beautiful, and intuitive mobile interface.

Jiff accomplishes this by removing any distracting design elements, culling any extraneous information, and codifying the disparate interfaces so that employees have a unified user experience.

And, when paired with personalization, incentives, and customization, our design inspires users to take action in health benefits programs.

This results in a powerful mobile-experience that puts the full breadth and depth of the Jiff platform where users are most likely to use it — in the palm of their hands.

To learn more about Jiff’s core design principles, and how we use it to stand above the competition, read our white paper on consumer-grade design.