The Secret to a Healthy Holiday Season Is At Your Fingertips

During the holiday season, joy and merriment abound — and so does additional stress and unhealthy habits. Some of that stress can stem from overindulging in delicious holiday food, as well as the mental health pressures caused by familial and social situations, or financial concerns. 

What’s more, seeing a healthcare professional may be difficult during this time. Throughout the holiday season, doctors’ offices close early or offer limited hours, making it hard to find the right healthcare at the right time. 

For employers, the combination of high stress, unhealthy habits, and inaccessible healthcare could signal a rise in healthcare spending for the winter months as employees become ill and seek care from urgent care centers or emergency rooms instead of their primary care physicians.

Digital health could be the solution. There are several apps, wearables, and health services available that can help employers and their employees make it through the season. And Jiff’s enterprise health benefits platform brings all of these tools together in an easy-to-use, data-driven benefits dashboard. 

Options for Healthy Eating and Fitness

As too many of us know, the holidays tend to lead to overeating. At the same time, busy schedules often keep us from our workouts. There are many diet, nutrition, and fitness programs on Jiff’s platform to help employees make healthy eating choices — even during holiday parties — and avoid holiday weight gain. 

For example, MyFitnessPal offers a database of over 5 million foods and exercises, several fitness technology partners, and community insights that have helped millions of people achieve and maintain their health goals. 

Empowering employees with food tracking, nutrition and weight management apps can help them stay informed and motivated to maintain their health throughout the holiday season. 

Healthcare When You Need It

During the holidays, doctors often operate on limited hours, making it tough to find care when you need it. Digital health allows for care beyond traditional hours — even without having to visit an office. 

Jiff partners with leaders in the telemedicine field, such as Doctor on Demand. With this service, employees can get a virtual visit with a doctor immediately through their smartphones, computers, or tablets any time day or night. This may be particularly handy in December when flu season begins to peak. Additionally, Jiff’s partner, Grand Rounds, will quickly connect you with a top-quality doctor in your area for your specific care needs and help you assess and evaluate your medical situation should you find yourself in the Emergency Room during the holidays for any reason.

Mental Health During the Holidays

The holidays can be a difficult time for many people — especially when mental health is a concern. Since doctors may have irregular schedules during this time of year, employees can use telemedicine services offered in the Jiff app. With just the click of a button, they can connect with a mental health professional through a video consult.

Also, let’s not forget that rising expenses, family pressures, and increased work demands can lead to a lack of sleep. Instead of tossing and turning, or turning to medication, Jiff’s platform offers a healthy, effective alternative. 

Created by the world’s first digital medicine company, Big Health, Sleepio is a digital sleep improvement program that addresses poor sleep using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques. It helps you to make improvements to your sleep environment and establish the daily habits needed to optimize the quality of your sleep.

The program has met the highest clinical standards and recommends techniques tailored to each user. With apps like Sleepio, employees can come back from the holidays fully rested. 

For more information on keeping employees engaged in healthy behaviors before, during, and after the holidays, read our post on the types of incentives that motivate employees.