How To Find The Right Healthcare Apps and Services for Each Employee

When creating an effective health benefits program, the onus often falls on HR executives to pinpoint the right healthcare apps and services that are relevant to their employee population.

However, it’s no small feat to find the right point solutions for each employee. But, employers can reduce the administrative headaches associated with finding and managing these solutions by using an enterprise health benefits platform.

Bob Kocher, a partner at Venrock and Jiff board member, explained during Jiff’s Digital Health: Good or Bad for HR webinar how a benefits platform plugs the various healthcare apps and services in a benefits program seamlessly.

This helps human resource execs see which apps and services are working, get an understanding — in real-time — of which employees are engaging in which programs, and how much money they’re saving.

See Which Point Solutions Are Working and Which Are Not

“A platform needs to integrate easily, kind of like legos, and personalize so that workers know which ones they’re going to need. And you’ll know what works so that you can measure [the program],” Kocher said.

What’s more, a health benefits platform allows HR execs to add and subtract solutions to figure out what works, and modify their program to test which point solutions are best for the employee population.

Kocher also advised webinar attendees A/B test solutions and services to “find out what works” best.

“It’s essential for you to know what’s working, and change programs as needed to make them work better.”

By using a benefits platform, employers will be able to deliver personalized solutions that will engage employees in a culture of wellness, adopt healthy behaviors, while cutting healthcare costs.

To hear more about how digital health has helped HR execs improve their health benefits programs, listen to the webinar on our resources page.