4 Health Apps and Services That Will Help You Keep New Year’s Resolutions

During the first few months of the New Year, the motivation to accomplish health or personal goals is never higher. Gyms are full, maybe you’ll see your coworkers eating healthier, while others vow to spend less. But as we get further and further into the year, those goals start to seem a bit more out of reach as motivation wanes.

In fact, a study by Static Brain Research Institute found that out of the 45 percent of Americans that regularly make New Year’s Resolutions, only 8 percent successfully achieve their them.

What’s more, while 75 percent of Americans are able to maintain their resolution in the first week of the new year, that figure dwindles to 45 percent after six months has passed.

This growing lack of drive can present a problem for employers who want to help employees adopt and maintain health behaviors to drive down healthcare costs — especially after the luster of New Year’s Resolutions have worn off.

But there are apps and services in the digital health marketplace that can help employers ensure that their workforce is adopting and keeping new, healthy habits in the first part of the year and beyond.

Here are four apps that can help your workforce achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

1. MyFitnessPal

The team at MyFitnesspal has created a seamless way for users to track their nutrition and activities. Through the use of their app, users can input their daily calorie intake, and they don’t have to worry if their food can’t be tracked. MyFitnessPal boasts the largest calorie and nutrition database — nearly 5 million foods are stored in the app.

2. Healthcare Bluebook

Healthcare Bluebook provides a great way for consumers to find quality healthcare services at lower prices. This is ideal for employees who want to focus more on being fiscally responsible this year. Apps and services like HCBB, help employees become better consumers of their health, while reducing healthcare costs for employers.

3. Brain Resource

Nearly 47 percent of Americans want to be healthier in the New Year, according to Static Brain Research, and improving brain health can be part of that goal. Brain Resource from My Brain Solutions, is a helpful app that uses games to help users improve their cognitive and emotional capabilities. The result: reduced stress and increased resilience and productivity.

4. Fitbit

Fitness tracking devices, like a Fitbit, can keep employees motivated and active by tracking their sleep, activity, and more. These devices can also be easily integrated into an enterprise health benefits platform when employers launch fitness challenges, making it easy for employees to engage and participate in these programs.

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