How To Take Control of Your Health Benefits Program

The human resource executive has the power of the digital health marketplace at their fingertips to use in their health benefits programs. But oftentimes, hand picking the right service or app to make their benefits program a success can prove a bit unwieldy.

Many HR leaders could use a strategic partner — particularly, someone who has extensive experience implementing digital health tools in the enterprise space. Ideally, this person could help develop a strategic plan for choosing and implementing a portfolio of health benefits programs that maps the needs of their population to the best digital health solutions available.

That’s where Jiff’s consultative and capable customer success team can come in handy — to help HR leaders create a strategic plan that not only will find the best services and solutions for their unique needs, but also drive engagement in those programs.

Here’s How Jiff Does it

Jiff’s customer success teams works hand in hand with HR execs to evaluate and understand the company’s initiatives, employee population, and cost drivers.

Next, Jiff’s CSMs works with the HR teams to create a strategic plan that connects the employee population’s unique goals and needs to the most appropriate health-related point solutions.

For example, through this process, the Jiff team may discover a higher than average proportion of the employee population smokes. Knowing that information, Jiff’s team can help create a smoking cessation program using apps and services in the digital health marketplace.

Laying the Foundation for Success

After determining which programs will be available for your population, Jiff’s CSMs help the HR team answer key questions around the program’s timing and sequencing.

Examples of some of those questions include:

  • Should HR deploy telemedicine before price transparency?
  • Should the team pilot test an expert opinion service before you expand it to your entire population?
  • Where would be the optimal location for such a pilot test?

Once the sequencing and timing is determined and the programs are plugged into the enterprise health benefits platform, Jiff’s personalized recommendation engine takes action and sends recommendations to each individual employee in the population —  based on his or her unique health goals.

What’s more, our recommendations are derived from Jiff’s fact-based experience in creating strategic programs with several large companies that have hundreds of thousands of employees.

This level of input helps human resources put the power of the digital health ecosystem behind their program. And, through JIff, they can create a strategic plan that results in a well-designed benefits program that spurs engagement, participation, and ultimately drives down healthcare costs for the employer.

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