Employee privacy is at the center of all we do

There has been a lot of press recently about one of the newest products on our health benefits platform – Castlight Action – and employee privacy. So, we’d like to take this opportunity to address what has been said, and what hasn’t.

First, and most importantly, Castlight Health is 100 percent compliant with all federal privacy laws related to the handling of employee data. We strictly maintain complete employee confidentiality, and are fully compliant with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security and administrative rules governing protected health information (PHI).

Second, employers who use Castlight’s platform never, under any circumstance, see individual employee data. All employee data is presented to employers in an anonymous and aggregated format. Employers never see an employee file from Castlight.

All employers ever see is the aggregate size of an unidentified group of employees at risk for certain health conditions. The minimum size for such a group used by Castlight Action is 40 employees, which is nearly four times more than what the federal government recommends. We do this because we value privacy and confidentiality. At this level of abstraction, the data can provide valuable insights to help employers as they decide on broad programs they can invest in to help their employees – for example, if an employer saw a large sized group indicated as dealing with back pain, they might decide to invest in an ergonomics program.

Third, even after employers implement Castlight’s solutions, individual employees must opt-in to participate in our programs. Individuals proactively register and consent to sharing their information with Castlight’s products. Again, the employee’s information is not shared with the employer.

Lastly, those that do choose to participate do not receive health-related communications from their employers. Rather, individuals receive recommendations encouraging them to take preventive or assistive action from our Castlight platform – often recommending care where they might not otherwise think to look.

With all of our strict privacy practices in place, we are proud to offer employees products like Castlight Action. As part of our health benefits platform, Castlight Action helps individuals make the best healthcare decisions for themselves at their time of need, and directs them to the useful, and sometimes underutilized, benefit programs available to them through their employers. It provides individuals with information, resources, and guidance to address their healthcare needs and concerns.

Employee privacy – and employee health – is central to all our work at Castlight. We passionately believe in ensuring and respecting employee privacy and live by those principles. It is key to our mission of empowering people to make the best choices for their health, and to help companies make the most of their health benefits.

For more, watch our recent Fox Business News appearance, where Kristin Torres Mowat, senior vice president  of plan development and data operations, discusses the importance of privacy and security at Castlight.