Jiff Co-Presents With Johnson & Johnson At The Conference Board

Derek Newell, CEO of Jiff, and Adam Glauberg, Director of Global Health Services at Johnson & Johnson, co-presented during a packed session at the 16th Annual Employee Health Care Conference, hosted by The Conference Board in New York and San Diego.

Addressing a full room on March 10th and again on March 17th, Newell and Glauberg spoke on the topic: How Employers are Changing Health Care through Personalized Benefit Design and Smart Technology.

The discussion centered on Johnson & Johnson’s experience planning and implementing Healthy & Me, a global, company-wide employee health and wellbeing program built on the Jiff enterprise health benefits platform.

Below are three key takeaways from the event:

1) Employee engagement is the key “last mile” problem in healthcare

Many employers have invested millions of dollars in health benefits programs, but have seen limited or no ROI because of poor employee engagement. Inspiring employees to participate in programs and change their daily health habits is a critical challenge, which employees must address through technology, incentives, and intelligent program design.

2) Corporate wellness must evolve

Last generation corporate wellness focused on health assessments, were web-based, had limited variety in incentives, and were available to employees only. Next generation wellbeing must encourage healthy activities, be mobile-first, offer a wide variety of incentives, and engage both employees and their families.

3) Platform technology allows for deliberate, phased implementation

Glauberg discussed the benefit of phasing in new health programs and adding in layers of complexity over time. For example, one can begin with an HRA program, and then later phase in other wellbeing programs around activity tracking, sleep tracking, food tracking, and more. Platform technology provided by Jiff makes it easy to turn on different programs, and deploy them to different populations as needed.

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