Your Health Plan Offers Wellness, Should You Take the Bait?

Some health plans now offer technology-powered wellness programs. These solutions largely came about from acquisitions that were viewed by the health plans as a way to upsell their existing client base and retain business. However, employers should be skeptical of these solutions for a few critical reasons.

Health plan wellness programs fail because they:

  • Are all-or-nothing. Employers must accept all features, and have very limited ability to customize or configure the program.
  • Are only available to plan members. How many of your employees use any one health plan? If you are like most employers, and offer more than one plan to your population, you will not be able to provide the same wellness experience to your entire population.
  • Impose standard, cookie-cutter communications HR teams cannot review or edit email communications that go out to their employees.
  • Lack global reach. Health plans end at the U.S. border, whereas most large employers have global operations and employee populations.
  • Open your social community to other companies, even competitors. Social features provided by health plan solutions allow your employees to communicate openly with other companies’ employees, rather than creating your own private, closed community. This increases the risk that private, company-specific information can be leaked to your customers or competitors.
  • Don’t work with best-of-breed digital solutions. Many health plans only integrate with their own, tightly-knit ecosystem of vendors, rather than the broad ecosystem of consumer devices, apps, and solutions that your employees already know and love.
  • Do not drive breakthrough engagement. The bottom line is that health plans lack the capabitlies, ecosystem, and user experience needed to drive repeat use of their app over time. Ask your health plan for user engagement data.

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