Get to Know the Castlight Interns: Evan Doyle

Up next is Evan Doyle, Engineering Intern extraordinaire! As a Bay Area native, the commute to downtown SF isn’t a surprise for him and allows him to take advantage of his skateboarding skills. Let’s learn more about Evan!

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

My name is Evan Doyle and I am a Computer Science major at University of California- San Diego. I spend most of my free time skateboarding, playing chess, and playing video games. I am very interested in math and philosophy.

What have you gotten out of your experience with Castlight this summer?

The two most valuable things that I have gotten out of my internship with Castlight this summer are industry programming experience and experience working in a professional environment. Getting acquainted with an engineering team’s workflow and codebase has been very valuable and it has allowed me to learn a lot about full-stack development. Working in a professional environment has given me the non-technical skills I need to be useful and helpful to my team.

How would you break down your role at Castlight for a non-tech savvy pal?

As a member of the Internal Tools team, my role at Castlight is to help build stuff on the computer that other people use to do their jobs. I work on helping fix bugs and write parts of the programs our employees use every day. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to intern in the health tech space?

The only advice I can give to someone looking to intern in the health tech space is to either intern at Castlight, or if that’s not possible, intern somewhere with a helpful culture like Castlight. It probably won’t be as good though so you should leverage that experience for a future internship with Castlight. 

If you were a Disney character, what animal sidekick would you choose and why?

My animal sidekick would be new to the Disney realm, a fox named Frank. I would choose a fox because of its cleverness, size, and agility (plus they are cute and furry).

Join us next time to meet Jake, one of our other stellar Engineering interns and a rising senior at University of California- Berkeley!

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