Castlight Helps Employees in Need of Cardiac Care

Heart disease is the leading cause of the death in the United States, accounting for 23.5% of all mortalities (CDC). The term refers to a number of disorders that prevent the normal function of the heart such as coronary artery disease, heart attack, and arrhythmia.

Treatments for heart disease including open heart surgeries, angioplasties, and diagnostic tests, among others are some of the most complicated, expensive, and disruptive events individuals can face when on employer-sponsored insurance. Patients often navigate highly complex health care decisions with limited access to cost and quality information and decision-support guidance. Patients may have multiple treatment options, each with widely varying costs and quality of care across providers.

With Castlight’s new Cardiac Care opportunity available in the Action module, at-risk individuals are connected with quality providers and available support options, including second opinion programs and centers of excellence, to ensure the best and most effective care.


Why we built it?

  • Heart disease is an addressable, high cost area for employers
    • Treatments for heart disease are complicated, expensive, and disruptive
    • Multiple treatment options exist for a given condition
    • There is high variance in cost and quality among providers
  • Heart disease costs and outcomes are addressable by connecting patients with education, health care services and supportive programs
  • Effectively utilizing the right programs can lead to reductions in health care costs and absenteeism (Source: CDC)


What is Action?

Action is part of Castlight’s health benefit platform and provides highly personalized, timely, and relevant information to employees when they need it the most, reaching them when they’re making decisions and guiding them to the right care, provider, and benefit. At the same time, Action gives the benefits team real-time insight into employee engagement. The new Cardiac Care opportunity is one of several covering a broad set of addressable health care categories where Castlight can proactively engage employees to make better health care decisions.

Action increases program utilization for existing investments among center of excellence, fitness, health advocate, second opinion, and wellness programs. And it doesn’t take a lot of time to manage. After minimal configuration, all engagement campaigns are completely automated and requires virtually no additional work from the benefit team

How does the Cardiac Care opportunity work?

Castlight segments adults at high risk of a cardiac intervention or surgery in the Cardiac Care opportunity. The targeting is based on predictions from claims, mindshare and demographic data. For this segment, Castlight delivers personalized recommendations that connect at-risk individuals with the program and support options available from their employer (e.g. second opinion programs, centers of excellence, etc.). And to ensure employee privacy, all of this is done in a highly secure and anonymous environment.