Personalized Healthcare Benefits Needed for Chronic Disease

Half of all American adults have at least one chronic condition, and almost one in three have multiple chronic conditions. Caring for these widespread chronic conditions accounts for 86 percent of our nation’s $3.2 trillion in health care costs. According to the CDC, the three most expensive diseases are all chronic conditions. With diabetes costs reaching $101 billion, and heart disease and back and neck pain adding $88 billion each in 2013, it’s clear that chronic disease is a heavy health and financial burden on our community.

Although so many Americans suffer from chronic disease, many of them do not get the healthcare services they need to monitor, manage, and treat their conditions. The result? Conditions go untreated, causing complications and mounting healthcare costs.

The good news is that digital health tools are empowering Americans to take control of their health more than ever before. Many employers offer an array of these new digital health solutions, apps, and services — including those aimed at various chronic conditions — in an effort to help employees manage their health and control healthcare costs. Studies have shown that workplace or employer-sponsored programs work, lowering risk for and prevalence of conditions. For example, these new services allow employees to see a doctor without leaving their homes via their cell phone or give employees personalized chronic condition management guidance. These digital health benefits hold great potential to help employees with their chronic conditions, while leading to better health outcomes and lower healthcare costs for both employees and employers.

However, for most employers and their employees, the massive value of these digital health benefits has yet to be unlocked. While each solution on its own may offer tremendous benefits, employers have no way to manage them, see what works, and respond to the needs of their employee population. For employees, these benefits are hard to find, and even harder to use. Due to this, digital health benefits often go unused, leaving the value on the table.

For most employers and their employees, the massive value of these digital health benefits has yet to be unlocked.

Jiff’s enterprise health benefits platform brings together the best of digital health technology and services in a data-driven platform that allows employers to manage all of them, to see what works, and to get employees to engage. By bringing together industry-leading programs such as Glooko, which enables people to manage their diabetes; Quantum Health, which connects employees to a full analysis of their health that can reveal the onset of chronic conditions; and SmartQuit, to help them kick a smoking habit that leads to numerous chronic diseases, Jiff empowers employees to address their chronic condition needs.

Jiff aggregates all of an employer’s health benefits offerings in an easy-to-use dashboard where employees find all of their options, discover which are right for them, and track their engage with each. To encourage continued engagement with chronic disease health benefits and others, Jiff integrates personalized communications, challenges, and incentives for employees who engage with their benefits.

Chances are, any employer offering health benefits has employees at risk for or managing chronic conditions. With Jiff, employers can help employees find the right benefits at the right time and get them engaged. The result is a healthier and happier workforce.