NetApp Employee Engagement Soars with Castlight’s Jiff Enterprise Navigator

Recently, Castlight and NetApp hosted a joint webinar to take a closer look at how companies can shake up their health and wellbeing offerings to improve employee engagement. When NetApp partnered with Castlight by using Jiff Enterprise Navigator, the company was able to exceed employee engagement expectations by 20 percent, experiencing some of the highest engagement numbers to date. Together, we wanted to take a look at what worked.

NetApp, a provider of leading cloud storage and data management solutions with more than 10,000 employees globally, has been recognized as an HR leader due in large part to its unique company culture and outstanding benefits offering. The company has been able to attract, connect with, and retain top talent, and has been recognized for its leadership by national publications. Despite this recognition, HR leaders at NetApp faced a problem common to many in the field: employees were not engaging with their health benefits, meaning a lot of the value of those benefits was left on the table.

Concerned the company wasn’t making an effective investment and employees weren’t seeing the value they deserved, NetApp sought a new solution.

After an introspective look from NetApp HR and a company-wide survey, they identified a few key needs for the new employee benefits program. The program had to:

  • Offer support for the whole health of an individual: emotional health, physical health, financial health, and nutrition
  • Be easily accessible and available on a variety of platforms
  • Be custom-built to fit the unique company culture, as well as individual office site cultures.

NetApp knew they needed a platform-based program in order to accomplish this. But the company also wanted a one-stop-shop for all of their employee health benefits so that it was easy for employees to find and engage in programs. Jiff’s platform fit the bill.

Working with Castlight let NetApp adopt a benefits platform that employees could use across all of the offices, at home, or on-the-go. Increased availability of NetApp’s benefits allowed them to focus on driving engagement among employee dependents as well. And, with the Jiff product, NetApp only had one vendor to work through reducing the HR team’s administrative burden and freeing the team to focus on what matters most – their employees.

For the initial roll-out, NetApp was able to select the programs that were the best fit for their employee population including Zipongo for nutrition, HelloWallet for financial health, meQuilibrium for emotional health, and Jiff Steps for physical health. All of these were customized to NetApp’s company brand and integrated into the platform so employees would buy-into the initiatives and benefits.

After just one month, adoption had exceeded NetApp’s target by more than 20 percent, with 34 percent of employees engaging in the new benefit programs. And, the company saw 7 percent adoption among spouses in the same time frame.

A recent NetApp company survey showed that employees believe NetApp is invested in employee health and the health of their families. Learn more about NetApp’s All-in-One Approach to Healthy Minds, Bodies, and Wallets, their results to date, and vision for the future benefits innovations in a recent webinar with Castlight here.