What do the Fortune’s Best Places to Work have in common? They use Jiff.

For 20 years, Fortune has published a list of the 100 Best Places to Work, identifying the places with high employee satisfaction. All the companies on Fortune’s list each year share one thing: happy employees. But, a number of companies on the list also share another: Castlight’s Jiff Enterprise Navigator.

This year Castlight is delighted to congratulate four of our customers who were recognized as Best Places to Work. And, we’re especially happy to note that two of our esteemed customers rank in the top five companies to work for.

First up on the list is Baird, an employee-owned, international financial services firm, sitting at #4 in the top 100. One of the many aspects employees love about working Baird is the culture that “values teamwork and integrity.”

Next up, Edward Jones, is not only #5 but also a veteran of the list that has been ranked 18 years. It’s clear that Edward Jones has a great relationship with its employees, as 3,000 of its employees have been there more than 20 years.

Jumping 11 spots up the list this year is Activision Blizzard, whose Fortune profile last year highlighted the company’s employee benefits and wellness programs as a primary reason for their ranking. Castlight has helped Activision Blizzard drive breakthrough engagement in their employee health programs with Jiff, including: a game-based mental health and resiliency program; a healthcare price and quality transparency tool; and an innovative maternity health solution.

Accenture is another Castlight customer that is no stranger to being recognized as a Best Place to Work. The leading professional services company offers its employees opportunities for continued training and education, as well as work-life balance as “more than 75% of staff have used flexible scheduling.”

This year, Fortune looked at an oft-overlooked reason behind successful company culture: trust. Employees at these companies trust their employers and colleagues across the board from management’s decisions, to thoughtful employee policies, to strong health insurance and benefits packages. This not only improves employee recruitment and retention, but according to Fortune, “workplaces that score high on metrics of trustworthiness also finish first in profitability, revenue growth, stock performance, and other key business ­measures.”

It’s clear from reading the profiles of Best Places to Work companies that employers are rewarded for listening to what their employees need, investing in company culture, and offering high-quality, personal benefits programs. The result is not only recognitions like this list, but happier, more productive employees who love their jobs.

Our mission at Castlight is to make it as easy as humanly possible to navigate healthcare and live happier, healthier, more productive lives. So, we are proud to be a part of what makes Baird, Edward Jones, Activision Blizzard, and Accenture such great places to work.