The Next Phase for Castlight Health

At Castlight, we have always had an ambitious mission: empowering people to make the best choices for their health and helping companies make the most of their health benefits. We were a pioneer in healthcare transparency and decision support. More recently, we have been able to push further, offering employees a personalized and guided benefits experience, and employers insightful and actionable data to help them manage all this.

Today, we are proud to announce that Castlight begins its next chapter having completed its strategic acquisition of Jiff. By joining forces, our new company will be ideally positioned to fully deliver on our mission.

We are confident of this because when we decided to combine with Jiff, it was out of our shared recognition of each other’s individual company strengths — but also because we could see the immense potential our combined capabilities offer. Our goals have always been aligned to help employers and employees make the most of their health benefits. While we were each tackling the problem from different angles, it quickly became clear that the work we were doing was complementary.

Castlight brings the ability to help employees become smarter healthcare consumers, guiding them to the right program, care, and providers. Jiff redefined the wellbeing industry with an exceptional, mobile-first user experience and the largest ecosystem of health partnerships available in the market. Together we believe our company’s platform can improve every aspect of an employee’s health experience — and we can’t wait to get started.

Employers and employees both face the impossible task of finding, accessing, and using the right health benefits and programs to meet their needs. With healthcare costs continuing to rise, this task becomes ever more critical. Castlight will help them rise to this challenge.

For benefits and HR leaders, the combined platform will make it more efficient than ever before to engage with employees, purchase and deploy a wide range of benefit technologies, and measure their impact. For employees, the platform will provide an engaging, fully-personalized health benefits program designed to both improve health and control costs.

Now, with our strategic acquisition of Jiff officially complete, we can begin the work of bringing our teams and products together. Immediately, our combined company offers the most comprehensive benefits platform in the industry. Jiff and Castlight customers will see no disruption to their current benefits.

But this is only the beginning. Over the long term, we have the opportunity to put our combined talent and technology to work to deliver even more powerful employee engagement, greater cost savings, and improved health outcomes to our customers. Now that we have officially joined forces, it is time to get to work.