Join Castlight Health: One Team On A Mission Making Things Happen

At Castlight Health, our culture means everything. Not only does it define who we are, but it  prioritizes our path and drives us to succeed.

One Team
Our people are everything. It’s obvious, but without them, we don’t have a company and we can’t deliver on our promise to improve healthcare and wellbeing for millions of Americans. Just saying we’re “One Team” isn’t enough though. We need to walk the talk, and prioritize retaining, developing and caring for our employees. 

Here are just some of the ways we do that:

Benefits: We offer competitive salaries, fully-paid healthcare premiums, gym membership discounts,generous paid time off, a liberal office cell phone policy and well-stocked office kitchens. But, benefits are only a part of a healthy (and happy) employee team.

Career growth: We encourage employees to participate in career-development training and we offer many courses to enable their personal growth. When someone feels up for a new challenge, we are completely open to discussing intra-company moves–no one should be shy about wanting to try new roles. Many of our managers and leaders have been promoted from within–we believe in the talent within our doors. And, we offer comprehensive management training because all employees deserve top-quality managers.

Diversity: We celebrate all our employees and embrace their differences. We participate in the San Francisco Pride Parade with a whole lot of hoopla. We throw a great Diwali party. Many of our top leaders are women. Here, people come as they are!


Team building (and fun): We sponsor team-building and entertainment activities, from movie nights to BBQs, sporting events, and employee recognition parties. And of course, we throw a fantastic holiday party. Our monthly all-hands meetings even feature raffle prizes, because who doesn’t like winning?

Executive relationships: Our CEO (John Doyle) and President (Derek Newell) regularly meet with employees after work for happy hours and informal conversation. Their personal involvement with employees at all levels filters down throughout our culture–we have an open-door policy with all executives, who welcome discussions and feedback with all Castlighters. John has a 100% approval rating on Glassdoor–that should tell you something about the way he interacts with employees and runs our business.

On a Mission
When running a business, it’s not enough to have the best and most satisfied employees (although that goes a long way). We all need to unite around a common mission that we truly, deeply believe in. Since our founding, we have been driven by a strong purpose to help people make the best decisions for their health and to help companies make the most of their health benefits.

What does that mean? I encourage you to read our customer stories and especially hear straight from people like Darrek and Brandy, whose lives–in the face of critical health challenges–were changed for the better by our software. It is wonderful to come to work each day knowing your efforts actually improve people’s lives! Our mission is no small task, but its importance and impact is phenomenal, and very meaningful to all Castlighters.

Making Things Happen
The final piece of our culture “puzzle” is to unite our people, on their common mission, to deliver on its promise. Every individual within Castlight contributes to helping us meet our goals. From our administrative staff, to our healthcare wonks, to our product designers, and engineers, we all work together to offer the best products possible.

The result: we offer the only health benefits platform that combines total well-being capabilities, healthcare decision-support tools, and a personalized benefits hub. Our team is making things happen for the better.

Want to Hear More?

We’re growing and we’re seeking more talented, driven, and engaging team members across the company, particularly in our engineering, product, and customer success teams. These roles are in San Francisco and Mountain View, CA, as well as in Charlotte, NC. Take a look and consider joining our One Team On a Mission Making Things Happen.

About Vicki Ryan
Vicki is 100% Greek, but was born in Australia. She has been an HR executive for more years than she’d like to admit, and is one of those leaders whose employees follow from job to job because they so enjoy working for her. Her booming laugh often echoes throughout the hallways at Castlight. When not mentoring, guiding, developing, hiring, and enjoying Castlighters, Vicki spends her time entertaining her large family in typical Greek fashion and spoiling her dog Peanut.