Introducing the New Castlight

When we decided to bring together Castlight and Jiff, we united two companies with the same mission: to make it as easy as humanly possible to navigate healthcare and live happier, healthier, more productive lives. Since that time, we have worked to become one team dedicated to fulfilling that mission — we have merged our talented workforce, debuted new offerings to our existing customers, and begun to develop joint solutions. And today, we have reached an important milestone in our work on the road to one: we are introducing our new corporate identity and website as a combined company.

Our new identity is a lot more than just a new look. It represents who we are as a company. The new Castlight combines the most comprehensive set of solutions on the market for employers managing health benefits, including wellbeing, care guidance, and an engagement hub. We see this as the first step in defining a new product category that brings together those solutions into a single, integrated experience for employers and their employees.

The need for health navigation is profound. The U.S. healthcare system is home to some of the most advanced medicine and best-trained providers in the world, as well as a flourishing ecosystem of digital health innovation. But for the average individual, understanding how and when to utilize these resources couldn’t feel more convoluted. And employers are left struggling in their attempts to manage their complex benefits programs and to engage employees to make better healthcare decisions.

That is why we have chosen to define our identity around health navigation. Through the combination of Jiff and Castlight, we believe we now have the necessary set of capabilities to make the fragmented healthcare system easier, friendlier, and more human.

There are four essential elements of health navigation and Castlight offers all of them. These include integrating with thousands of health vendors, apps and tools to create a central benefits hub, personalizing an individual’s experience based on their unique health needs, guiding users with timely communications wherever they are in their health journey, and engaging users in order to motivate utilization of health benefits.

We are also excited to unveil our new logo, which brings together Castlight’s name with Jiff’s vibrant color palette. The stylized “C” gives us a fun and flexible way to convey the idea of a hub that connects many parts of the health benefits ecosystem, including employers, employees, digital health companies, and health plans.

Today, the Castlight platform provides an all-in-one, guided experience for the full health journey, improving every aspect of an employee’s health experience: from staying healthy, to accessing care, to managing a condition. By delivering on our mission to make it as easy as humanly possible for our users to navigate healthcare, we also deliver on our commitments to help organizations regain control over rising health costs and receive more value from their benefit investments.

We hope that you enjoy our new identity and are as excited as we are about the new Castlight. Please contact [email protected] with any questions or comments. And stay tuned for more developments to come later this year.