Healthcare from the Palm of Your Hand – Castlight’s Mobile App

Nearly 80 percent of American adults now own a smartphone, a figure that has more than doubled in the past five years. Across every age group and job type, smartphone usage has exploded, and the types of activities people use their smartphones for have expanded as well. Today, Americans are spending two out of every three digital media minutes on a mobile device and we turn to them for increasingly complex tasks.

Over the years, Castlight has remained committed to providing a consumer-grade app experience that employees can utilize to easily navigate and manage their healthcare. In keeping with this promise, Castlight debuted a new version of its mobile app earlier this year. We understand that consumers are using their mobile devices to manage their health. In fact, 62 percent of all health information is accessed from a mobile device with many important healthcare decisions being made on-the-go. For example, you may not need to know where your local urgent care clinic is located – until you roll an ankle playing pickup soccer.

With the Castlight mobile app, an employee who rolls their ankle on the soccer field can: quickly look up the nearest in-network urgent care clinic; call or book an appointment; easily access their insurance card; and check their deductible, all during the Uber ride they called right in the app. This consumer-friendly experience provides more than just peace of mind, it means better health outcomes, less time off work, and fewer visits to the emergency room.

Before getting care for a health issue, many people ask, “When do I reach my deductible?” and “How much will I have to pay out-of-pocket?” But it’s often hard to find the answer. Even when you know where to go, you may not have a login and password readily accessible when you need it. Now, with the Castlight mobile app, employees can find all of their benefits information in one place, including a virtual insurance card, up-to-date insurance claim tracking, and telehealth options.

We designed the Castlight mobile app to give employees a personalized healthcare assistant that simplifies the user’s healthcare journey. We worked hard to create an experience that is fast, easy, meaningful, and  secure.

Castlight’s mobile lead engineer, Jaspal Kamboj, sums it up nicely, “While we crafted a best-in-class user experience with our product design team, we also put a lot of thought into app performance and security. We wanted to make sure every app check-in is safe, secure and fast.”

Employees are busy, and keeping abreast of the details of their health plan and benefits is not always top of mind. That’s why Castlight designed its mobile app to engage employees throughout their healthcare journey: before, during, and after care – all from the palm of their hand. With Castlight’s app, employees have a mobile platform that helps them identify the right care, provider, or benefits program with a few simple clicks, wherever and whenever they need it.

* Statistics listed in this blog are attributed to ComScore’s 2016 Mobile App Report.