January 5, 2016

Costliest city of the week: Miami

Winter is officially here, and it certainly is getting chilly in San Francisco (we would absolutely love a hot peppermint mocha right about now)! So – to heat things up a bit – this week we’re featuring Miami as our costliest city.

Home to the second largest public hospital in the nation, Miami is no stranger to healthcare. The Magic City also has a strong biomedical presence, primarily in pharmaceuticals and medical devices (sure sounds like a “magical” place to us)! We then wondered – does this affect the prices for common medical procedures? Keep reading for the specifics!

Costliest procedure: A CT scan of the head/brain. Miami comes in as the third priciest on average ($1,225).

Curious fact: The Magic City is the least expensive of our 30 cities examined, for a preventive primary care visit, coming in at a mere $96.

Interested in learning more? Explore our Costliest Cities Map to uncover how healthcare costs add up in your city!

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