January 12, 2021

What’s Machine Learning and How Is It Used in Healthcare Navigation?

As technology advances, so can healthcare. In this three-part video series, members of our Health Plans team sat down with Castlight Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect Robert Stewart to discuss the role machine learning plays when it comes to improving healthcare navigation and delivery.

What exactly is machine learning?

The easiest way to understand it, Robert says, is by comparing it to the human brain. That big lump of neural tissue is constantly collecting data, organizing it so we can better learn, identify patterns, and make informed decisions.

When computers leverage machine learning, they can do this, too — except better. Because while the brain has limitations to the amount of information it can sort through and store, computers don’t.

In this video, Matt Moran, Castlight SVP of corporate development, asks Robert to explain the most commonly used machine learning algorithms, how they apply to healthcare navigation, and how data scientists train our computers to be so smart.

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