September 1, 2022

Castlight’s Ecosystem—the Gold Standard of Innovative Health Partner Networks

When we set out to build Castlight’s Ecosystem program, we started with a simple mission: Deliver best-in-class digital health solutions to our members. 

Fast forward a decade later, and we’re proud to say our Ecosystem has set the gold standard in the industry by partnering with market-leading health innovation companies and establishing the strongest clinical and technological foundation in the market.

Recently, we shared the lessons we’ve learned while working with our Ecosystem partners. Today, we want to share the practices that have allowed our Ecosystem to become the go-to model in the industry.  

The Castlight Ecosystem: Designed to Stand the Test of Time

We built our Ecosystem with the intent of being able to seamlessly and effectively meet the needs of our customers and members for the long haul. That means we’re continuously focused on:

Keeping Up with the Market

Health innovation is thriving, and things are changing rapidly. The market is bursting at the seams with completely new solutions and enhancements to existing solutions—luckily, our Ecosystem was designed to quickly adapt to these ultra-fast market dynamics.

With our thorough review process, we identify potential partner solutions, conduct due diligence, and add the very best to our Ecosystem program. Over the past year, we have met with and kept tabs on hundreds of solutions with a bias towards those that result in positive clinical and financial outcomes. By the end of this year alone, we plan to have announced at least 10 new Ecosystem partners across several categories.

Our customers play an integral role in the due diligence process by sharing their strategic imperatives and providing sharp market signals on solutions and clinical categories. They help us better understand if there’s a market for new clinical categories and Ecosystem partners. We know our customers understand their members best, so we highly value their insights on the unique needs of their populations. 

Remaining Open and Flexible

The goal of our thoughtfully curated selection of Ecosystem partners is to enable our customers to effortlessly select and connect with some of the best options in the market. However, we’re not in the business of designating “winners” and “losers” among solutions. HR and benefits leaders already have enough on their plates (point solution fatigue is hitting hard)—we don’t want to add to the noise.

Instead, we’ve intentionally maintained an open model that allows customers to integrate the solutions they’ve carefully selected for their members, even if they’re not in our Ecosystem. Ultimately, we want to help customers get the most out of their health solutions. Whether the vendor is one of our Ecosystem partners or not, our platform can help increase awareness of and engagement with a solution, making sure it gets in front of and provides a great experience to those who need it most. 

Building on the Strongest Clinical and Technological Foundation

Clinical outcomes are one of our primary metrics when vetting and evaluating potential and current Ecosystem partners. The solutions we partner with are able to deliver value with every interaction. Once a partner joins our Ecosystem, we consistently and actively track this. And our recent combination with Vera Whole Health has only strengthened our clinical foundation. Our expert clinical team—now including practicing physicians—has helped us expand on our diligence process of holistically reviewing solution care models and clinical claims. 

Castlight takes our Ecosystem solutions to the next level with highly intelligent technology. We layer our personalization engine—powered by more than one billion data points from claims, biometrics, health risk assessments, and member activity—on top of every interaction, which ensures the right people connect with the right programs and the right time, in the way that best works for them.

Our robust technology platform helps employers and health plans manage their benefits and solutions offerings, drive engagement with those solutions, improve solution ROI, and gain intelligence around which solutions are working and which are not.  

Helping Our Ecosystem Partners Maximize Their Impact

Our Ecosystem partners yield amazing results on their own (that’s one of the reasons we choose to partner with them!), but we help them make even more of an impact.

For example: We work diligently to make our partners’ hard-fought clinical outcomes visible to our customers and members; our personalization engine leverages the most up-to-date clinical protocols and is fine-tuned with constant experimentation; and we craft our messaging and engagement strategies to respectfully reach the members who need the solutions most.

We understand the difficulties our partners face, and we’re proud to be able to provide a platform that helps them overcome those challenges to expand their reach and both demonstrate and sustain clinical outcomes. To put it simply, we are better together. Check out the results we’re driving in collaboration with a few of our Ecosystem partners:

Our Ecosystem Promise

All of the above helps us fulfill our Ecosystem promise, which is to deliver:

  • Simplified procurement: the ability to purchase pre-vetted solutions on one contract
  • Personalization: to better understand the member and guide them towards the programs and care best suited for their unique health situation
  • Activation and engagement: clearly and concisely educating members on the benefits available to them, in addition to which ones they should engage with and how to do so 
  • Incentivization: tying rewards to meaningful moments or milestones within partner programs, encouraging the healthiest outcomes and real behavior change

Together with our partners and customers, the Castlight Ecosystem works to help guide members to live healthy lives in a way that works for them.  

We’re here to help. Interested in joining as a Castlight Ecosystem partner or learning more about the Ecosystem? Say hello here. 

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