September 20, 2022

Meet the Summer 2022 Castlight Interns: Tanisha Arora, Lolade Weaver, Ishanu Dhar

This past summer during my internship at Castlight Health, I had the pleasure of working with five other interns from universities all across the U.S.

For this two-part blog series, “Meet the Castlight Interns,” I sat down with each intern to learn more about them and their experience at Castlight. In this edition, get to know Tanisha Arora, Lolade Weaver, and Ishanu Dhar.

Tanisha Arora

Where and what are you studying?

I am a graduate student studying Business Analytics at University of California, Irvine. Prior to that, I completed my undergrad and graduate degree in Economics back in India. I’m transitioning into a more technical field because I want to understand how companies’ strategies and products adapt to changing market conditions, which are captured by the data around us.

What team did you work with and how was your experience?

I worked on the Product Analytics team. It has been an enriching experience. My team went way beyond to help me out with all the tasks and provide me with all the guidance and support I needed.

What has been your favorite project you have worked on this summer? 

My favorite project was working on a user engagement analysis that would help us understand how the emails are performing with respect to different categories such as age, gender, and industry group. We not only analyzed different data points to see the email performance with the help of click-through-rate, registration, and so forth by these categories, but we also created an attribution model that will tell us what level of engagement with the user leads to a better conversion rate for the company.

What is one piece of advice you’ll remember for the rest of your career?

My mentor at Castlight, Andrew Banister, told me: “Ask more questions.” This not only helped me to reach out to colleagues for suggestions but also helped me in increasing my efficiency in work.  

Lolade Weaver

Where and what are you studying?

I’m a Masters of Public Health student at Emory University in Atlanta. I’m interested in the role that technology and policy play in transforming healthcare and improving health outcomes.

What team did you work with and how was your internship experience?

I worked primarily with the Clinical Product team. Everyone on the team was incredibly kind and invested in supporting my interests and growth over the course of the summer. I’ve also had numerous opportunities to interact with other teams such as User Engagement, Care Guidance, and Analytics.

Did this internship help guide you in what you want to do in the future?

Definitely! It has solidified my interest in social impact product management. I have become even more passionate about the intersection of data, technology, and policy in reducing health disparities and improving health outcomes. The work I’ve enjoyed the most this summer has involved me supporting strategies to improve the product experience not only from a public health and social impact lens but also learning the importance of considering impact and value from a business standpoint. 

What’s your favorite hobby outside of school and work?

I enjoy photography and being outdoors. I also love to travel and I’m always looking for an opportunity to visit new places and spend quality time with my friends and family.

Ishanu Dhar

Where and what are you studying?

I am pursuing a Masters in Computer Science from Arizona State University. Modern technology revolves around the computer and the future of this field has even more to offer—I wanted to be a part of it.

What team did you work with and how was your experience?

I worked in the Software Engineering department and the experience was brilliant—the people are very welcoming and collaborative here.

What has been your favorite project you have worked on this summer? 

My favorite project I’ve worked on at Castlight is one in which we extracted de-identified conversations that took place between customers and Castlight representatives, then analyzed these conversations to understand the sentiments of the customer. The purpose of the project is to track how satisfied the customer was with the interaction. Ultimately, we can leverage these insights to improve our trust score (a number that represents how much customers trust Castlight).

Did this internship help guide you in what you want to do in the future?

Yes, it definitely helped me learn the process of software development and to build the foundation of my future software engineering career.

What’s your favorite hobby to do outside of school and work?

I am a musician and I compose music as my hobby.

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