Jiff Announces Offering Available to Customers in the New SAP® SuccessFactors® App Center

September 9, 2016

Mountain View, CA (September 8, 2016) – Jiff, provider of a leading enterprise health benefits platform, today announced that it is one of the debut partners to offer a product in the SAP® SuccessFactors® app center, a hub for leading HR solutions available to the thousands of enterprise customers using SAP HR solutions. Jiff offers customers its powerful combination of real-time data, technology, incentives, and engagement best practices to make their employee health benefits more effective.

“We’re excited to partner with SAP, which shares Jiff’s vision of connecting benefits administrators to the industry-leading apps, tools, and services they need,” said Derek Newell, CEO of Jiff. “Jiff will offer enterprise customers the tools to help bring down healthcare costs, improve employee health outcomes, and drive engagement with a wide variety of health benefits solutions.”

The SAP SuccessFactors app center offers customers insight into the innovative solutions they can use to better manage their human resources operations, including one of the costliest: health benefits. As a SAP partner, Jiff’s platform will be available to potential customers looking for a way to deliver smarter, personalized health benefits to their employees.

Jiff’s enterprise health benefits platform brings together the best of digital health technology and services in a data-driven platform that allows employers to manage a variety of health solutions, see what works, personalize benefits for an employee, and encourage each person to engage. By delivering personalized incentives, real-time data analytics, and an easy-to-use experience that proactively navigates each employee to the resources that will benefit them the most, Jiff targets individual employee cost drivers to help increase utilization of those services that are proven to save money. Jiff’s enterprise health benefits platform helps employers lower healthcare costs by delivering the right benefits to the right employees at the right time.

One of the greatest challenges for employers is getting employees to engage with and use their health benefits — which can improve employee health and control healthcare costs for employers. Jiff takes on the engagement problem for employers, and has seen between two and five times the utilization rate of money-saving point solutions versus the industry average. A recent analysis of Jiff’s current customers found that 73 percent of participants on the Jiff platform interact with their Jiff app at least once a week and 35 percent of them interact with it daily.

Jiff recently introduced three new product and services packages: Jiff Enterprise Navigator™, Jiff Total Wellbeing™ and Jiff Launch Pad™. Each solution offers a different set of programs, features, and services, but all are designed to motivate employees to engage with their health benefits.

With proven employee engagement and diverse product packages, Jiff can offer enterprise customers a benefits platform that fits with their preferred vendors, health benefits design and unique employee population. With Jiff, employers can better control costs and create a happier, healthier, and more productive employee population.


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