ConsumerMedical can help employees and their covered dependents understand their medical condition and treatment options, recommend the best doctors and hospitals in their area and insurance network, and assist them in getting a second opinion. If they are considering surgery, ConsumerMedical will help them weigh the risks, benefits, and alternative treatment options that could work best for them.

ConsumerMedical + Castlight

Castlight partners with ConsumerMedical to provide users with access to intelligent healthcare guidance: compassionate, high-touch support; evidence-based information and resources; and deep clinical expertise. By working together, ConsumerMedical and Castlight help users to navigate and manage their healthcare.

Deep Integrations

Real-time two-way data exchange with SSO

ConsumerMedical is connected to the Castlight platform via a deep, data exchange integration. As users engage with ConsumerMedical, they can earn points in Castlight for completing specific micro-actions, like requesting a consultation, which also helps power Castlight's personalized recommendations.