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meQuilibrium is the engagement and performance solution that harnesses behavioral psychology and neuroscience to unleash your organization’s full potential. Powered by the predictive meQ scores and data-driven insights, meQuilibrium uses a clinically-validated assessment and robust benchmarking to measure resilience and create personalized training programs that build team and employee skills. With meQuilibrium, employers can equip their employees to discover and master the skills they need to overcome any obstacle, increase agility, gain adaptive capacity, and transform your organization.

A digital coaching platform that delivers clinically validated and highly personalized resilience solutions

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    Managing Conditions, Staying Healthy

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    Real-time two-way data exchange

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meQuilibrium + Castlight

Castlight and meQuilibrium work together to help employees build their resilience to better cope with everything from day-to-day challenges to major life events. By completing a meQuilibrium assessment and then watching videos, reading articles and exercising their resilience muscles, employees can earn points for rewards in Castlight all while improving their ability to face challenges.

Deep Integrations

meQuilibrium is connected to the Castlight platform via a deep, data exchange integration. As users engage with meQuilibrium, they earn points in Castlight for completing specific micro-actions, like completing a breathing exercise, which also helps power Castlight's personalized recommendations. Example micro-actions are shown.

Employees can take a resilience assessment.
Employees can practice mindfullness through a breathing exercise.
Relevant resources are easy to access through mindful moments.